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Myopia Control

Did you know that the newest research shows it is possible to slow or even prevent the onset of myopia or nearsightedness.  There is a whole range of actions we can take while your child is young to help.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cohen now to discuss these options.  

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia or nearsightedness is a problem of the eye growing too long for its optical power, with higher levels of myopia carrying significantly increased risk of potentially blinding retinal complications. Myopia has also become increasingly common the world over, at least in part due to our change in visual habits and increased time devoted to near activities.

The Myopia Clinic specializes in optometric care of children and young adults with myopia. In addition to providing conventional glasses for clear vision, more importantly our services include options for controlling the progression of myopia. The latter options are likely to benefit most those with early onset, i.e., whose nearsightedness developed before the age of 10 years, and/or fast progressing myopes, who are at greatest risk of developing high myopia. A positive family history of high myopia represents another risk factor.

What services do we offer?

We use specialty equipment and techniques to comprehensively evaluate the refractive errors (i.e. myopia) and the ocular size and shape of our patients' eyes. These measurements along with myopia progression history are used to determine an optimum management strategy, which may include the fitting of specialty contact lenses and glasses shown in recent research to be highly effective in controlling myopia progression.

How do I know if this clinic is right for me?

Children and young adults who fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Onset of nearsightedness before age 10 years;

  • Increase in myopia (spectacle prescription) of one diopter/year or more;

  • Positive family history of high myopia (parents or siblings with myopia greater than -6 D)



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