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Dr. Michelle Cohen, OD, brings years of experience specializing in Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation.

At InVision we believe that vision affects your life and your life affects your vision.

We focus on adults and children with strabismus, binocular coordination disorders, accommodation and tracking issues, and traumatic brain injuries. A brain injury can affect the way a person functions in their daily life: examples of brain injury causes are motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and strokes. Affected areas are speech, motor function, and balance. 90% of TBI patients suffer from visual problems.1 These problems may include blurred vision, difficulty reading, headaches when completing a visual task, sensitivity to light, or reduction and/or loss of a visual field. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is the process of rehabilitating visual, spatial, perceptual, motor disorders, and body awareness.

Dr. Cohen also offers primary care optometry services to children and adults.

Refer to the table below to see the types of exams we offer and which one suits you need
What type of appointment do I need?
Routine Exam Functional Exam Neuro Exam
Our annual exams look at your acuity, how well you can see.  We also check the health of your eyes. Our functional exams look at how well your eyes work together.  (ie. Losing your place while reading, seeing words move or float, having to re-read sentences) Our neuro exams look at how well your eyes work together after a traumatic brain injury, or disease. (ie. Concussion, TBI, whiplash, stroke, any form of degeneration)