Doctors estimate that up to 80 percent of perceptual input in sports comes from the eyes.1 In sports, vision has the potential to affect an athlete’s performance, including clarity of sight, motor performance (the ability to perform specific tasks), and information processing.2

Sports Vision Training Enhances Athletic Performance:

  • Dynamic visual acuity is the ability to see things clearly while in motion, or the ability to track a moving object.
  • Visual concentration is the ability to prepare for, select, and maintain awareness of specific locations, objects, or attributes of the visual scene.
  • Eye tracking is the ability to “track” from left to right or up and down in an efficient manner, and to “follow” the movement of objects.
  • Eye-hand-body coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands and body in the accomplishment of a given task.
  • Visual memory is the ability to retain memory of objects when the visual stimulus is no longer available.
  • Visualization is the act of viewing or achieving a complete visual impression of an object.
  • Peripheral vision is what is visible to the eye outside of the central area of focus; side vision.
  • Visual reaction time is the time between seeing the stimulus and responding to the stimulus.
  • Depth perception is the ability of an observer to judge the spatial relationships of objects, especially their relative distance from the observer and from one another.
  • Eye accommodation is the ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects and vice versa.

Before training begins, we administer a Sports Vision Evaluation which entails a comprehensive suite of tests, assessing the areas of visual function needed to increase performance.

Our vision therapists provide innovative sports vision training that incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive skills with a personalized approach. Each session is one-on-one, conducted under doctor supervision. Our therapy model gives athletes the visual abilities they need to succeed on and off the field.

To learn more about how we can enhance your team concussion protocol or for the individual athlete, contact us or call us at (505) 341-2020.

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